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Mural in downtown Brandon, Manitoba
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BGMA, Brandon, MB

Three things people don’t know about the Brandon General Museum and Archives

The Brandon General Museum and Archives is considered the city’s local history museum and it’s full of neat materials related to Brandon and its place within the history of southwestern Manitoba. Make sure you stop by when visiting our city!

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5 things you need to know about Brandon’s coffee/specialty shops

If you’re anything like the writer of this article, a caffeine fix is critical to getting a solid kickstart to your day.

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Time for some day tripping . . .

Brandon is considered by many to be the regional hub of western Manitoba. Pack a picnic lunch, jump in the car and explore the beautiful scenic parks our region has to offer! Head back to the city at the end of the day and plan your next adventure!

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A glimpse into some of the international foods you can find in our city

You getting hungry? Brandon has several local eateries that serve up foods from their homelands with authentic flare and style. Here’s just a few popular dishes that will surely please your taste buds.

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Ben Hernandez, founder & owner of Benny's

What goes into a first-class dining experience in Brandon?

Just ask Ben Hernandez, founder/owner of Benny’s Restaurant & Catering Services.

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Kickin' Axe Throwing, Brandon, Manitoba

Never a dull moment in our city

Whether you’re a visitor spending just a few days in our city or you’re a longtime resident of Brandon, there’s never been more ‘things to do’ in our city.

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Tubin' at Grand Valley, Brandon, Manitoba

Tubin’ at Grand Valley Park: A hit with locals and visitors alike

Jordan Ross, along with his wife Katherine Jeroski, have always been the outdoorsy adventurous types who value the benefits that nature provides.

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Brandon Downtown Mural – Woman / Bison – 440 Rosser Avenue, Brandon

In-Depth Look at Brandon's Downtown Murals

Explore this unique mural project featuring the work of local artists.

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Downtown Brandon

Back to Brandon

The image has stayed with me. A lone dog, walking away down a dirt road, looking ahead, neck straining. Perhaps he’s longing to be called home.

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Orchestra playing outside Chez Angela Cafe and Bakery, Brandon, Manitoba

Q & A with James Chambers of Chez Angela

James Chambers, co-owner and GM of Chez Angela Bakery and Café, goes in-depth on why his wife Angie and him decided to return to Brandon to open what is clearly a successful bakery and cafe.

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