Cool summer treats to enjoy in Brandon

Ice cream is awesome.

That’s it. That’s the extent of this opening paragraph to this blog post. (I will add that Brandon has a ton of great treat options. So… yeah. You should probably try these treats below.)

Basically anything at Crow’s General Store

So Crow’s recently introduced it’s now serving Prairie West Ice Cream. What does that mean? Well, 24 flavours to choose from – and many are your favs you’ve had before. So make your way here and enjoy!


Tastee’s Ice Cream and Grill

I mean, just read the Trip Advisor reviews. Literally, anyone who goes here, loves it. I was here last week and I spent a good 15 minutes in a food coma after my awesome Chicken Fingers and Fries meal. I saved room of course for an ice cream sandwich. Yeah, they’re homemade and they’re freakin’ fantastic.


The Sweet Tooth of Brandon

A locally-owned frozen yogurt joint in the city. They ‘swirl’ different flavours, including a kind called ‘Death by Chocolate’. Now, I’ve tried it and I’m still living (I think). I also really enjoyed it. It’s dang good.


Velvet Dip

Check out their website and you’ll see an old black and white photo of a Beatles-looking band playing on their rooftop, which obviously was taken many moons ago. This place not only has a lot of history, but a lot of awesome specialties including the Miss Piggy. Yep, you read that right.


Now these are just a few options here in the city. There’s obviously more great places to get ice cream here in Brandon – but I’m going to stop it here ’cuz I’m currently trying to convince my wife to have ice cream for supper tonight.