Indigenous tourism continues to make positive strides in Brandon

The mission statement is clear: to unwaveringly work towards reconciliation through presenting locally-sourced educational materials about the ongoing Indigenous history of Brandon and provide novel learning experiences that create unity, solidarity and community across cultures. 


Brandon Indigenous Tourism is about changing perspectives and preserving Indigenous culture, languages and community however possible. It’s about reclaiming Indigenous space in history both ancient and modern via providing an Indigenous lens for the public. It’s about inviting others to learn, share and celebrate in Indigenous ways of being, knowing and learning.

The methods of sourcing information are done as locally as possible, developed with knowledge keepers and elders in the area. All information provided to you is Indigenous-provided, Indigenous-sourced and Indigenous-evaluated.



There are several brochures available at the Brandon & Region Tourism Centre to help educate you on our land and our peoples. If you’d like some brochures or would like to know more about Brandon Indigenous Tourism, please email us at


Exciting things to come

Audio tours are currently in the process of being developed and will be available wherever you get your podcasts! These audio tours will feature different topics about Brandon Indigenous culture and history. Stay tuned!

More on Brandon Indigenous Tourism here.