5 things you need to know about Brandon’s specialty shops


If you’re anything like the writer of this article, a caffeine fix is critical to getting a solid kickstart to your day. And if you’re anything like… well, anyone for that matter, a great ice cream treat on a sunny day is exactly what the doctor ordered. Yep, that’s right. Your doctor ordered ice cream for you. It could happen. You never know. (OK… you got me. I’m just trying to justify the use of the aforementioned cliché.)

Anyway, getting off-topic here. Let’s get back to what I wanted to showcase, which was 5 things you need to know about Brandon’s coffee/specialty scene. Brandon has a lot of quality coffee and ice cream so the next time you’re in our city… you know… read below and do the things. Yep.

Did you know you can buy a ton of neat drinkware/brewing items at H Coffee? Not only is H Coffee a great local spot to pick up your next hot bevvy, but you can also peruse the plethora of drippers, press brewers, kettles and so much more (all items can be purchased online). So you could get your coffee, and all the fix-ins to go with it! You could just start brewing your own coffee at work for Pete’s sake.

If you’ve yet to experience the Velvet Dip. Do it. It’s got a cool vibe. This seasonal ice cream shop first opened in the city back in 1965. Even their official website has a cool black and white shot of a band playing on the roof of the shop many years ago! The menu is freakin’ LOADED and their specialties include some really neat sundaes.

Head to Twisters Ice Cream Shoppe not only for their cool checkered floor and engaging atmosphere but also their willingness to come out with new products such as their Volcano Sundaes. Really cool and sooo tasty!

Blue Hills Bakery & Deli pride themselves on this keyword: homemade. So many good specialty items here like their fantastic cinnamon buns and dainties that are absolutely delicious.

One of my favs when it comes to specialty drinks in the city has to be Forbidden Flavours on 18th largely because I’m just a fan of practically everything available on the menu. If you’re in the mood for just a brewed coffee, pick up a Prairie Blend (if you like a stronger coffee of course). Enjoy a good Café Rolo or Carmilla myself. But you can’t go wrong here.


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