Turn website visitors into customers IRL is Brandon’s official tourism website, connecting visitors to Brandon with information and offers to make their stay memorable! Advertising on is a great way to get your business, event or special offer in front of potential customers while they make plans to visit the city. The website has proven popular with users since it was relaunched in February 2022. Over 38,000 visitors and over 100,000 page views have been recorded during the site’s first 10 months of operation.

Brandon Tourism has partnered with Leech Group to administer our online advertising program. Contact your Leech Group sales consultant today to secure a prime advertising position. Call 204-728-3037, toll-free 1-888-756-4433, or email

Monthly Advertising Rates

  • Design included. We’ll create your ad for you at no additional cost, and provide a proof for approval.
  • Ad swap-out. To display varying ad content during the span of the ad buy, ad swap-outs are available at $40.00 each*.
  • Rates and specifications are subject to change.

Home Page (Horizontal 4×1)*

1x 2x 3x 6x 12x
$250/mo $175/mo $150/mo $125/mo

Section Page (Tile 1×1)*

1x 2x 3x 6x 12x
$250/mo $175/mo $150/mo $125/mo

Packages + Deals (Package Feature)*

1x 2x 3x 6x 12x
$250/mo $225/mo $200/mo $175/mo $150/mo

Inside Page (Tile 1×1)*

1x 2x 3x 6x 12x
$150/mo $125/mo $100/mo

Email Campaign*

1x 2x 3x 6x 12x

*Rate is for a single ad displayed for the entire timeframe indicated. Applicable taxes are extra.

Ad Specs

  • Flexible size ads. We use the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) of Canada’s Flexible Size Ad specifications for the majority of our ads. The final display size of an ad (i.e. its pixel dimensions) will differ based on the viewing device.
  • Acceptable file formats. JPG, GIF and HTML5 formats are accepted for most ads (see below). Single frame ads should be supplied as JPGs. Animated ads can be supplied in GIF and HTML5 formats. Maximum file sizes and load times are provided below.
  • Animation is moving images or other rich experiences, usually without the use of video files. Length of animation must not exceed 15 seconds. No looping beyond 15 seconds is allowed. Animation is recommended to be part of subload. JavaScript used for animation must be executed as asynchronous load and CSS used must be inline. Flashing, high contrast, fast moving and bright colour animations are not acceptable.
  • Acceptable ad content. Ads must be directed at a general audience. Ads containing restricted content (e.g. tobacco or cannabis) or adult content will NOT be accepted. The appearance of any ad, offer or promotion is at the sole discretion of Brandon Tourism, whose decision is final.
  • Ad link. Advertisers must provide an external website to which each online ad will be linked.
  • Packages + Deals. Advertiser will be required to complete an online form to provide all details of their offer including a detailed description, applicable offer dates, expiry date, terms + conditions, and external website link (for additional offer details). Details may be edited for length and clarity.
Page Size Placement Max Dimensions (1) Initial Load (2) Subload (3)
Home Page Horizontal 4×1 Two available locations — Bottom of “Start Exploring” and “Stay + Play” areas. Each spot displaying up to two ads in rotation. 2 versions required: 1800 × 450 for desktop and 800 × 800 for mobile.
250 kb 500 kb
Section Page
(Do, See, Culture, Dine, Events, Stay, Plan)
Tile 1×1 Integrated into content tiles; Up to three ad positions per page displaying one ad per position. 800 × 800
250 kb 500 kb
Home Page and Packages + Deals Package Feature In the “Stay + Play” section of the Home Page (and repeated on the Packages + Deals page). 800 × 600
JPG only. No animation.
150 kb 300 kb
Inside Pages (any subpage of a  Section Page) Tile 1×1 One spot per page displaying up to three ads in rotation.
Desktop: In the right-hand page sidebar, below the navigation items.
Mobile: Inline
800 × 800
250 kb 500 kb
Email Campaign Email Ad (4) Bottom of email content; up to three spots available per email campaign 600 × 200
JPG only. No animation.
n/a n/a
1. Display size in pixels (width x height). The ad should be created at this size.
2. Includes all assets and files necessary for completing first visual display of the ad. For static ads, this is the maximum file size of the JPG file.
3. Additional file weight an ad can load in addition to initial load.
4. Only static JPG ads are accepted for email placement.