A winter view of the city of Brandon, Manitoba from the North Hill.

Brandon Brings You Back

The slogan is catchy and undeniable.

Interpretations of what “brings you back” can differ for each and every one of us. Those of you who have spent time in Brandon allude to the city’s hospitality, grace and cultural diversity that is celebrated and championed by its community members.

It’s the uniqueness that Brandon provides—that sense of belonging—that has people returning to the city time and time again. We’re not just a blip on the radar in Manitoba; we’re the second largest city in the province full of patrons dedicated to the ever-evolving growth such as a burgeoning downtown core, a vibrant and fulfilling east end experience, and a variety of locally-owned shops and restaurants that provide a Brandon-only feel. Plan your excursion to Brandon—a city on the rise.



Start Exploring

Everywhere you go feels exactly like where you’re supposed to be.

Children running around Rideau Park, Brandon, Manitoba

Things to Do

Shop, play, relax, and unwind. Set your own pace and find what moves you in Brandon.

Main hangar at the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum, Brandon, Manitoba

Places to See

Disconnect from the everyday and reconnect with nature, art, music, history and more in Brandon.

Dancer in green dress at Dakota Nation Winter Fest in 2020


Discover Brandon’s roots and learn more about who we are and what makes us tick. 

A group of diners around a table clinking their wine glasses.


From pizza to panini, find the foods that tickle your taste buds at over 100 restaurants featuring local fare and international flair.

Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum, Brandon, Manitoba


Explore Brandon's history!

Check out this itinerary for a great way to spend your day exploring Brandon’s history!

Brandon 365

Join us for great events taking place year-round.

May 23, 2022

Midway Palooza

Midway Palooza is a two weekend event (May 13-15 & May 20-23) in Brandon, MB… » learn more

May 31, 2022

Brandon Aboriginal Youth Activity Centre - calendar

Brandon Aboriginal Youth Activity Centre calendar » learn more

June 2022 (TBA)

Gossip in the Graveyard

Interactive walking tour that provides an opportunity for visitors to take a step back in… » learn more

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Colourful historic buildings along Rosser Avenue in downtown Brandon

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