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Steak and salad from Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza & Lounge

  • 2040 Marshall Lane, Brandon  Map
    Phone: 204-725-3661
  • 1140 Richmond Avenue, Brandon  Map
    Phone: 204-725-3661

The Boston Pizza menu boasts over 100 items including pizza, wings, ribs, pasta, salads and more!


Dominos Pizza

Domino’s Pizza

824 ‑ 18th Street, Brandon  Map
Phone: 204-727-7077

Domino's is more than just pizza! Choose from pizzas, chicken wings, specialty chicken, pasta bowls, bread sides, refreshments, and even dessert!


Pizza from East Side Mario's

East Side Mario’s

1570 - 18th Street, Brandon  Map
Phone: 431-210-2065

They show you the hospitality and passion for great food that Italians are known for around the world.


Gondola Pizza, Brandon, Manitoba

Gondola Pizza

1050 ‑ 18th Street, Brandon  Map
Phone: 204-727-2070

Known for its original thin-crust pizza, delicious pasta and rib dinners!


Little Caesars Pizza, Brandon, Manitoba

Little Caesars Pizza

736 ‑ 18th Street, Brandon  Map
Phone: 204-725-0000

HOT-N-READY pizzas all day every day!


Little Italy Pizzeria, Brandon, Manitoba

Little Italy Pizzeria

305 ‑ 10th Street, Brandon  Map
Phone: 204-727-7777

Little Italy Pizzeria offers some of the best Italian food in Brandon!


Mano's Pizza

Mano's Pizza

1650 Park Avenue, Brandon  Map
Phone: 204-728-8575

Mano’s Pizza features hand-made & hand-rolled pizza dough made fresh daily.

Pizza from Marino's Pizza in Brandon, Manitoba

Marino's Pizza and Pasta

441 ‑ 10th Street, Brandon  Map
Phone: 204-578-5555

Enjoy your meal as quality and tradition are passed from their family’s hands to yours.


Papa John's Pizza

Papa John’s Pizza

99 ‑ 18th Street, Brandon  Map
Phone: 204-717-7272

Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.



Pizza Express

360 ‑ 10th Street, Brandon  Map
Phone: 204-727-2727

Award-winning, high quality, hand-made good meals and exceptional service. Made with care since 1982.


Pizza Hotline, Brandon, Manitoba

Pizza Hotline

2637 Victoria Avenue, Brandon  Map
Phone: 204-725-2222

Pizza with an emphasis on value and quality, backed by delicious food. Our slogan, "Great Pizza at a Great Price", says it all.


Pizza from Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

  • 860 ‑ 18th Street, Brandon  Map
    Phone: 204-726-0600
  • 1860 ‑ 18th Street North, Brandon  Map
    Phone: 204-726-0600


Pizza Pizza location in Brandon, Manitoba

Pizza Pizza

510 ‑ 1st Street, Brandon  Map
Phone: 204-729-1111


Pepperoni pizza from Pizza Place in Brandon, Manitoba

Pizza Place (T-Birds)

2140 Currie Boulevard, Brandon  Map
Phone: 204-728-3500

Located inside T-Birds is Pizza Place, a popular spot in the city for great tasting pizza!


Pizza from Red Swan Pizza in Brandon, Manitoba

Red Swan Pizza

Unit D - 1122 18th Street, Brandon  Map
Phone: 204-717-5555

Always fresh and always hand tossed.


Pizza from Romana Pizza in Brandon, Manitoba

Romana Pizza

39 ‑ 9th Street, Brandon  Map
Phone: 204-727-8486

This renowned Brandon restaurant is nestled in the heart of downtown Brandon.


Pizza from Santa Lucia Pizza in Brandon, Manitoba

Santa Lucia Pizza

1847 Queens Avenue, Brandon  Map
Phone: 204-727-8888

Deciding between the pizza, pasta, salads, signature chicken, ribs and the unforgettable Greek food will be a challenge.