Never a dull moment in our city


Whether you’re a visitor spending just a few days in our city or you’re a longtime resident of Brandon, there’s never been more ‘things to do’ in our city.

Throw some axes, wreck some stuff

It’s western Manitoba’s first axe throwing club and it’s marvelous. When you visit the Kickin’ Axe Throwing (1203 Princess Avenue) indoor range, you’ll have ‘lane marshals’ who will provide you and your family/friends with a safety tutorial, demonstrating proper axe throwing techniques. Try it, it’s a lot of fun.

While you’re there, try out the ‘Wreck Room’ which is designed to help you relieve some of that stress via destructive therapy. This safe and controlled environment provides folks with the opportunity to smash, break and wreck things. I mean come on… haven’t you ever wished you could go and break stuff? Here’s your chance!


Get your game on!

Their title says it all: food, fun, games. All you really need, isn’t it? Visit T-Birds (2140 Currie Blvd.) and experience a variety of the newest video arcade or some of the re-invented classics. After spending time gaming it up, make your way across the hall to the 10-pin bowling alley and enjoy knocking some pins down and some camaraderie with friends in the process.


Gators, snakes, turtles and more

A short drive east of the city and you’ll find a large variety of reptiles under one roof! During your visit at Westman Reptile Gardens (site 570, Box 21, RR 5) you can view over 300 reptiles including snakes, turtles, lizards, crocodiles, spiders and much more. While you’re there, make sure to have a look around the gift shop!


Other hidden gems

There’s an awesome rock wall to climb and a sweet miniature golf course at Albert’s Bistro (2000 Highland Avenue); you can test your accuracy at an archery range at Jo-Brook Outdoors (2030B Park Avenue West); and attention parents: there’s a great spot full of play structures for your little kids at Just 4 Kidz (1608 Park Avenue).