Gossip In The Graveyard


September 9-10, 2023


Venue: Brandon Cemetery

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For many years, a historical tour has taken place at the Brandon Cemetery. Many people do not fully realize the number of famous (and infamous) people buried there. The event educates the participants through entertainment to raise money for a local charity. Local actors from Assiniboine Theatre Company portray the roles of these remarkable “residents” of the cemetery, and share personal biographical details with participants.

This "lively" two-hour interactive walking tour provides an opportunity for visitors to take a step back in time and to "meet" the colourful and inspiring individuals who have helped in shaping the Brandon we know today. The characters of Brandon's past will literally come alive to tell their tales and offer some juicy bits of gossip to those plucky participants who venture through their hallowed resting grounds.


Dates and times:

Saturday, Sept 9th at 5pm & 5:15pm

Sunday, Sept 10 at 3pm & 3:15pm