Downtown Brandon, Manitoba

Brandon loves to celebrate the deep roots and cultural diversity that exist at the heart of the Canadian prairies. Diversity, accessibility, opportunity, inclusion, quality of life and partnerships are guiding principles that have helped shape who we are and why people love coming to our city time and time again! No matter what your interests are, Brandon’s lifestyle is here for you!

Celebrating different cultures

Brandon is chock-full of culture and is incredibly diverse. We respect, honour and raise awareness of ethno cultural diversity, through celebratory and educational opportunities. With such excellent cultural facilities, programs, and events such as the Westman Multicultural Festival, our city is very welcoming! It’s just another reason why Brandon brings you back!

City of Brandon culture plan

In 2016, Brandon’s municipal culture plan was presented and endorsed by city council. The plan is the result of comprehensive engagement with the community. During this process, the City of Brandon heard from not-for-profits, cultural organizations, business leaders, and many others.


Newcomers to Canada visiting our city

Westman Immigrant Services is a not-for-profit, registered charity organization providing programs and services to newcomers in the region. In addition to being a service provider, WIS liaise with community groups and organizations to work towards building capacity in our community for improving services to immigrants and refugees.


More immigration information

Visit the Economic Development Brandon website for more information.