Explore hidden gems during the fall

Brandon Hills, fall season, 2022

There’s really nothing better for those who love to explore than to find hidden gems while on their respective journeys – and that’s why an excursion during the fall season to Brandon should be at or near the top of anyone’s list of places to visit.

With that being said, check out this fall itinerary for our city and enjoy.

Why not showcase your love for the city while exploring!

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Fuel your body with a fantastic breakfast

Brandon has several great breakfast places – and I’ve made sure to point out a few in other itineraries – but for this one, I’ll make mention of Blue Hills Bakery & Deli. You won’t be disappointed.

Blue Hills Bakery

Experience one of the loop trails at the Hills

Kickstart your adventurous side at the Brandon Hills. This writer has been to this awesome greenspace so many times, he’s lost count and while he’s there, he usually stumbles upon something he didn’t notice before – whether it’s little bridges across small ponds or scenic viewpoints that forces you to stop and really enjoy what this beautiful area of nature has to offer.

Brandon Hills Wildlife Management Area

Time to learn some history

Make your way to Grand Valley Provincial Park and enjoy an interpretive trail that tells the tale of bison on the prairies and the importance of the site, which was used for hundreds of years as a trapping grounds for bison – all while enjoy the scenic views of the park!

Grand Valley Provincial Park

Time to be a locavore

All that exploring has made you hungry for lunch of course – so it’s time to head to The Dock.

Time to ‘locavore’ it up.

Umm… what? Well… the ‘locavore’ bit is a rather neat marketing tool that really illustrates what The Dock is all about. A ‘locavore’ by definition is someone who eats food grown locally whenever possible and at The Dock on Princess, they strive to live by this motto. Yeah, it’s neat, local and most importantly, the place has really good food.

The Dock On Princess

More exploration at the Riverbank

OK – bear with me here because the clichés are going to fly but the ‘something for everyone’ applies here. You can enjoy a nice peaceful walk along the Riverbank’s expansive trail system – all the while experiencing several outdoor art installations; you can also enjoy what the Discovery Centre has to offer! Cue another cliché: It’s really a great spot to come at any time of the year!

OK – I’ll stop.

Brandon Riverbank

Experience fashion, gifts, neat fountains and mouth-watering treats

Make a pit stop at The Green Spot and explore the uniqueness this place at the east end of the city can provide. Enjoy a snack and a hot beverage at the Secret Garden!

The Green Spot

Head to the Black Wheat Tap Room

After a day of fun and exploration, it’s time to do a little pre-gaming prior to the big game!

Black Wheat Brewing

It’s hockey season!

Get your jersey on and go check out some Wheat Kings hockey! Grab some eats at the game to fill your stomach, all the while enjoying some fantastic WHL action! Such an awesome experience to end your day.

Brandon Wheat Kings