Brandon brings you back - Fraser Sneath Coffee


Fraser Sneath Coffee in Brandon is a notable attraction for locals as well as tourists!

Entrenched in the heart of downtown Brandon, Fraser Sneath serves up specialty coffees, teas, fresh-made smoothies, baked goods as well as gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches!

Fraser Sneath Coffee brings you back because folks can't get enough of this great little shop located in our great city!



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Prairie Firehouse, Tim Horton's Brier and National Indigenous Peoples' Day take home awards at Tribute to Tourism Awards Gala


More than 150 people attended the 16th annual Tribute to Tourism Awards Gala on June 5 at the Prairie Firehouse in Brandon.

Award recipients from Brandon were:

Prairie Firehouse, Service ExcellenceIMG 0017

Prairie Firehouse opened its doors in 2015 after many years of restoration and careful renovation of Brandon’s Historic Fire Hall built in 1911. Anna Dumas has revitalized one of the city’s most historically beautiful buildings in Brandon into a modern & trendy, yet comfortable and accessible dining experience. With a menu focusing heavily on local suppliers and an environment that bring downtown Brandon to life, Prairie Firehouse has been named a key spot to visit by Travel Manitoba more than once. This wonderful restaurant provides not only a fantastic dining experience, but innumerable local evens from Paint Night fundraisers, Oktoberfest, Open Mic Nights and karaoke. Anna consistently seeks feedback on the restaurant in order to improve the customer experience, whether through online reviews or personal interactions. She and the entire PFH crew are committed to always bettering themselves and through volunteerism at local events, attendance at conferences with Brandon First, and encouraging everyone in her business to do more, Anna leads by example!

Tim Horton’s Brier, Event of the Year

The 2019 Tim Hortons Brier was the capstone event of the Brandon first multi-year large event strategy, commonly referred to as the “Curling strategy”. While certainly focusing on the National Men’s Curling championship, the event also provided entertainment, merchandise and socialization opportunities beyond what was happening on the ice surface.

Projected to fill 9000 rooms, the Brier was estimated to bring between $10 and $12 million in economic impact to the city of Brandon. This was the largest attendance compared to Brandon’s previous curling outings. Travelers came from near and far to come watch and participate in this event, with a goal to bring curling back to Brandon in a very big way (since the last time the event was held in Brandon 37 years ago) and cementing Brandon and Westman as Curling Country for years to come!

National Indigenous Peoples Day Celebration, Indigenous Tourism

As part of a long-standing tradition of honoring the summer solstice, Brandon’s national Indigenous People Day (NIPD) event is a beautiful celebration of our nation’s Indigenous people’s culture and heritage; acquainting people with the cultural diversity of Fist Nations, Inuit and Metis people.

Attendees can explore Canada’s deepest roots when visiting the cultural displays, tipi village and craft tables or enjoy on-stage entertainment; including Pow Wow demonstrations, square dancers, hoop dancers, traditional drummers and throat singers, as well as local Metis entertainers. NIPD is a free full day of cultural education that seeks to share the teachings that are ingrained in every aspect of First Nations culture. It creates space for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people alike to openly engage in learning about and celebrating the diversity of First Nations peoples, cultures, and heritage. The NIPD is comprised of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous representatives from many local organizations who are actively engaged in advancement of Indigenous individuals, cultural acceptance, and moving forward in a positive way!

Other Brandon nominees were:
Ty Worthington (Aspiring Youth), Grim Acres Scare Away Cancer (Event of the Year), Source for Sports AAA Hockey Challenge (Event of the Year), Rotary Club of Brandon (Partnership), East End Experience (Partnership), Crow’s General Store (Service Excellence) and Tipi Tours Legacy Project (Indigenous Tourism).


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Original Joe's now open IMG 10461


Brandon has a new restaurant that's now open to the public!

Original Joe’s Restaurant & Bar officially opened its doors earlier this week at its freestanding location on the grounds of Shoppers Mall.

Situated next to Harvey’s/Swiss Chalet, Original Joe's describes itself as a down-to-earth restaurant and bar that "gives you a taste of everything you could ever want."

Check out their official website, which includes their menu here.





Whiskey Jacks set for inaugural season in Brandon


Who's ready for some baseball!

The Wheat City Whiskey Jacks will officially be making their debut in Brandon later this month! Whiskey Jacks Main Logo

The collegiate summer baseball team, which is part of the Expedition League, will play their home games at Andrews Field, beginning on May 28.

"It's super exciting right now, so much activity at the ballpark," said Ray Walker, Whiskey Jacks GM. "Andrews Field is almost ready for its big Expedition League debut."

What can people expect when they come out to the ballpark?

"Fun!" Walker added. "This will be a great sports environment and an incredible and affordable night of pure fun and family entertainment."

For more information on the Whiskey Jacks, click here.



Murals continue to be installed downtown


Earlier this month, the Public Art and Mural Committee announced that the first round of murals are in the process of being installed downtown Brandon!

A total of eight murals will be installed under this process throughout the spring. The committee, comprised of representatives from the Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation (BNRC), Brandon Downtown Development Corporation (BDDC), City of Brandon – Community Development, Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba (AGSM) and downtown property owners, started their work this past year with the colorful "Brandon – A Home in the Blue Hills" mural at 1126 Rosser Avenue. Earlier this week, two more downtown murals - one titled "Brandonite Woman" located on the BNRC buidling at 440 Rosser Ave. as well as "Sun Spectrums" at 921 Rosser Ave. are now completed.

The eight murals expected to go up this spring are:

  1. 921 Rosser Avenue – Artist James CulletonIMG 1244

  2. 630 Rosser Avenue – Artist Nereo Eugenio

  3. 704 Pacific Avenue – Artist Emmanuel Jarus

  4. 118 10th Street – Artist Jason Botkin

  5. 217 10th Street – Artist Jerry Rugg

  6. 315 10th Street – Artist Mary Lowe

  7. 440 Rosser Avenue – Miguel Rodriquez

  8. 136 11th Street – Artist Trevor Wheatly

Funding for the murals was made possible by the Government of Manitoba, the City of Brandon, the Brandon Downtown Development Corporation, the Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation, and several downtown business owners.

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Festival Park is now open!


In case you missed it last week, Festival Park is now officially open!

The park, which consists of an outdoor amphitheatre, located on the grounds of the Riverbank Discovery Centre, will now be a noteworthy attraction for tourists as the premiere outdoor celebration space is a key development piece of "The North Hub" which will see a number of unique projects rejuventate the Discovery Centre grounds and areas along the Assiniboine River Corridor over the next several years.

Brandon Riverbank Inc. is currently taking bookings at the new beautiful outdoor venue.

Please just remember to stay on the walking paths and avoid the seeded grass as it is still taking to the grounds.

For more information on Festival Park, click here.




Travel Manitoba lists Tastee's Ice Cream & Grill as a 'must visit' drive-in this summer


Brandon's own Tastee's Ice Cream & Grill is among the 42 drive-ins listed in Travel Manitoba's recent blog post as a 'must visit' this summer.

The long-standing drive-in, which consists of fresh food served in 50s diner style, first opened its doors in Brandon back in 1967. It's considered a neighbourhood institution!

Check out the Travel Manitoba blog post here.

For Tastee's Ice Cream & Grill Facebook page, click here.





Brandon ‘brings you back’ with launch of community place brand


With the launch of a new regional place brand, the community of Brandon, Manitoba, has cemented its place on the Prairie Canadian landscape as one that warmly invites visitors in and promises them a constant path on which to return.

The centrepiece of Brandon’s new tourism brand is the succinct, yet passionate phrase, “Brandon Brings You Back.” Represented visually as a colourful logo and tagline, the four impactful words are adorned with Brandon Logo RGBbrilliant ribbons of blue, purple, red and orange reminiscent of a Prairie sunset stroll along the Assiniboine River corridor, and also speak to Brandon’s inviting and inclusive nature, its vibrant, diverse and dynamic community, and the promise of a place worthy of return, time and time again. Together, the logo and tagline create a visual identity that instills a sense of pride of place and a commitment to the welcoming brand of hospitality that only Brandon can deliver as the region’s consummate host.

Led by Winnipeg‐based McKim Communications Group under the umbrella of Tourism Manitoba’s multiyear Place Branding initiative, Brandon’s place branding journey began approximately one year ago. The multi‐faceted creative process was highlighted by a February 2018 community workshop with more than one hundred people in attendance, including some of Brandon’s most creative forces, and culminated in an official launch event earlier this evening.

“While our vibrant City has always had a broad base of tourism products and has experienced notable success in bringing events to Brandon, we’ve thus far been lacking that ‘marquee statement’, that catchy slogan that sums up everything we know we can offer guests from near and far,” noted Rick Chrest, Mayor of Brandon. “Anyone who has ever lived in Brandon, visited Brandon, or has had the ‘Brandon Experience’, so to speak, knows that this new slogan, ‘Brandon Brings you Back’, is the undeniable truth, and I very much look forward to seeing this brand spread its wings in our community and beyond.”

Chrest noted that while the City of Brandon, Brandon Tourism and the Brandon First destination marketing organization will be the brand’s lead ambassadors, it belongs to the entire community and will be best championed by all organizations and residents, whether they are hosting a large‐scale event or simply recommending their home city to family and friends as an unforgettable place to visit.

"Brandon Tourism is extremely excited about the new place brand for our City,” said James Montgomery, General Manager of Brandon Tourism. “Brandon is a great place to call home and a wonderful place to visit. We are confident that this new branding will emphasize this.”

“Whether it is turning a one‐time visitor into a recurring visitor, enticing back those who have moved away, or compelling events like the 2019 Brier to return ‘home’, this brand perfectly captures Brandon’s ability to bring people back,” added Graham Harvey, Executive Director of Brandon First.

With today’s launch, Brandon becomes the ninth regional destination in Manitoba to benefit from Travel Manitoba’s Place Branding program, which was initiated in 2016 as a means of growing tourism through increased visitation to distinct destinations within Manitoba.

“Travel Manitoba is so pleased with the new place brand for Brandon,” said Colin Ferguson, President and CEO of Travel Manitoba. “As Manitoba’s second largest city, Brandon’s success as a tourism destination is integral to the overall growth of tourism in the province. There is so much opportunity to raise the awareness of all that Brandon has to offer, and we’ll continue to work with Brandon First and Brandon Tourism to support their efforts in doing so.”

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A look inside the visual identity . . . 






The graphic element that surrounds this wordmark references several aspects of Brandon’s brand promise.

Its colours can speak to the warm glow of a sunset, the rolling hills of the surrounding prairie landscape, or the refreshing experience of a stroll alongside the winding Assiniboine River. So they speak to the opportunity to connect with the brilliant and beautiful natural surroundings of the Brandon region. More importantly, they speak to a warm embrace, or the feeling of inclusion that surrounds you in Brandon. So this form also represents a vibrant, dynamic and diverse city that is eager to invite visitors in.

Ultimately, you get the idea that there is always a path that leads you back to Brandon. That there is an open invitation to revisit the city again and again to experience the kind of welcome and hospitality that only Brandon can deliver as the region’s consummate host.




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Provincial Tourism strategy aims to grow sector


The Manitoba government, Travel Manitoba and the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce recently launched a new provincial tourism strategy aimed at increasing tourist expenditures to $2.2 billion by 2022.

“There is significant demand for the types of travel experiences Manitoba can offer, including northern and Indigenous tourism, and world-class water-based experiences such as fishing, paddling and lakeside recreation,” said Growth, Enterprise and Trade Minister Blaine Pedersen in a release. “The strategy provides us with a roadmap to capitalize on these opportunities by setting clear goals and working together to position Manitoba as a unique and vibrant four-season destination.”

The Provincial Tourism Strategy identifies five goals for the sector:
•    continuing to market and promote Manitoba through branding initiatives;
•    investing in destination and experience development;
•    improving transportation and mobile connectivity;
•    fostering collaboration among all stakeholders; and
•    building public support for tourism.
“We’re very proud of the accomplishments made to date, and we’re excited by the opportunity to reach our goal to increase tourism visitation expenditures to $2.2 billion by 2022,” said Colin Ferguson, president and CEO, Travel Manitoba.  “Our strategy will fuel that growth by ensuring all key stakeholders have a clear vision for the future.”

Ferguson noted the strategy is based on extensive consultations with industry and supported by a steering committee, a measurement and monitoring system, and regular opportunities for stakeholder feedback.
“Manitoba has a professional, passionate and dedicated tourism industry, and this strategy will lead to tourism becoming an even greater economic driver for the province than it is today,” said Chuck Davidson, president and CEO, Manitoba Chambers of Commerce.

The minister confirmed the Provincial Tourism Strategy is the second sector strategy under the recently announced Economic Growth Action Plan.  In their report, Growing Manitoba’s Economy, co-chairs Dave Angus and Barb Gamey recommended development of targeted sector strategies as a priority to foster competitiveness, facilitate growth, identify investment opportunities and address economic barriers in the province.

Manitoba’s tourism sector contributes more than three per cent to the province’s GDP, and expects to see a 19 per cent increase in visitors by 2022, attracting 12.6 million local, national and international visitors, up from 10.6 million visitors in 2016.

View the Provincial Tourism Strategy here.


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